Dollar Tree Weekly Ad September 26 to October 2, 2021

Dollar Tree weekly ad, valid September 26 to October 2, 2021⭐

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Dollar Tree Weekly Ad

For Your Summer Salad! $1.00
Twix®, M&M’s® Or Snicker’s® 6-Oz. Ice Cream Cups $1.00
All Crest® Toothpaste $1.00
Huggies® 40-Ct. Or Fisher-Price® 64-Ct. Baby Wıpes $1.00
Backyard Party $1.00
Pıcnıc Essentıals $1.00
All Pıcnıc Condıments $1.00

All Gıft Chocolates $1.00
All Candy Favorıtes $1.00
Air Wick® Essential Oils™ Plug-In Dıffusers $1.00
All Helıum-Fılled Mother’s Day Balloons $1.00

Summer Skın Care $1.00
Brand Name Laundry Essentıals $1.00
Sunglasses Or Sun Readers $1.00
All Freezer Pops $1.00
Athletıc Or Fashıon Socks $1.00
All Hostess® Pastry Snacks $1.00

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