Lidl Weekly Ad February 3 to February 9, 2021

Lidl weekly ad, valid February 3 to February 9, 2021⭐

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Lidl Weekly Ad

grass fed ribeye steak $4.99 ea.
Butcher Van Gourmet broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken $5.99 /lb.
fresh Italian sausage $1.89 ea.
organic grass fed ground beef, three pack $13.49 ea.
Marine Harvest cedar plank Atlantic salmon portion $9.99 /lb.
russet potatoes $1.99 /pk.
shredded Colby Jack cheese $1.99 ea.
Great Lakes Cheese® Muenster slices $6.49 ea.
oven roasted turkey breast, ultra thin slices $1.79 ea.

Orca Bay® frozen swordfish steak $6.99 ea.
Fresh Nature® green chickpea hummus $3.49 ea.
La Yogurt® whole milk probiotic yogurt, mango & coconut $6.99 ea.
organic raw honey $3.89 ea.
Dockside Classics® frozen mini cakes $6.99 ea.
Starburst® jellybeans $1.95 ea.
marzipan eggs coated in dark chocolate $2.79 ea.
frozen cheese tortellini 2/ $4.00

frozen crispy thin crust pizza, Sicilian recipe $2.99 ea.
Philly Gourmet® frozen 100% pure beef sliced steaks $4.99 ea.
marshmallows, bunnies and chicks $1.49 ea.
organic apple juice from concentrate $1.49 ea.
chocolate bunny lollipops $1.49 ea.
bamboo kitchen accessory $7.99 ea. or /pk

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