Piggly Wiggly Weekly Ad November 10 to November 16, 2021

Piggly Wiggly weekly ad, valid November 10 to November 16, 2021⭐
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Piggly Wiggly Weekly Ad

Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza $11.00 For Two
Food Club Half & Half $1.99
Pillsbury Sweet, Cinnamon Or Crescent Rolls $1.99
Food Club Cottage Cheese $1.69
1 Lb Imperial $0.89
Old Dutch Tortilla Chips $5.00 For Two
Chicken Of The Sea Chunk White Albacore Tuna $0.99

Food Club Low Fat Vanilla, Fat Free Plain, Or Blended Strawberry Yogurt $1.99
Stouffer’s Or Lean Cuisine Entrees $5.00 For Two
Rana Pasta Or Sauce $2.99
Merkt’s Cheese Spread $3.99
Idaho Potato Puffs Or Fries, Checkers, Arby’s Or Red Robin Fries $5.00 For Two
Food Club Cottage Cheese $2.29
Smithfield Semi-Boneless Pork Butt Roast $1.69 /Lb
16 Oz Sugardale Bacon $4.99
Us Government Inspected Diamond Lean Beef Tenderloin Steak $7.99 /Lb

Lotzza Motzza Brew Pub Pizza $5.99
Food Club Sliced Cheese $1.99
Food Club Pancakes Or Waffles $3.49
Potato Gnocchi, Ravioli, Or Tortellini Butera Pasta $1.99
Food Club Lasagna Noodles $1.49
Duncan Hines Cake Mix $1.49
O-Ke-Doke Popcorn Or Jay’s Potato Chips $1.99
Sargento Shredded Cheese $5.00 For Two
24 Pack Half Liter Bottles Piggly Wiggly Water $1.99

Piggly Wiggly Hours
Monday to Sunday : 07:00 Am – 10:00 PM

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