Cash Wise Weekly Ad

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Cash Wise Circular offers this week,

Nestle Pure Life Water $2.88
Washington Tote Honeycrisp Apples $1.28
Four Brothers Creamy Caramel Dip $2.98
Greater Omaha 81% Lean Ground Beef $1.88
Happy Street Bouquet $10.99
Harvest Club Russet Potatoes $2.58
B-Sized Red Potatoes $2.98
Short French Bread $2.98
Minnesota Fresha Baby-Cut Carrots $0.98
Creamette Egg Noodles
Village Hearth Bread $1.98
Heinz Ketchup $2.68
Caribou Or Green Mountain Coffee $5.98
Kemps Ice Cream Or Frozen Yogurt Scrounds, Sherbet Or Ice Cream

Sandwiches 2 For $7.00
Silk Soy, Almond Or Cashew Milk, International Or Baileys Coffee Creamer 2 For $6.00
Litehouse Salad Dressing $3.48
Prairie Fresh Natural Country Style Pork Ribs $0.98
Brew Pub Or Pizza Corner Pizza 2 For $10.00
Food Club Pasta Sauce $0.77
Country Lane Eggs $1.58
Creamette Pasta $0.77
Quaker Life Or Capn Crunch Cereal Or Chewy Bars 3 For $5.00
Dole Special Blend Salads 2 For $4.00
Nabisco Family Size Oreo Cookies 3 For $10.00
Van De Kamps Crispy Fish Fillets $5.48
Van De Kamps Crunchy Fish Sticks 60ct $7.59
1941 Craft Vodka $22.98
Back Story $5.98
Bud Light Seltzer $12.98
Just Bare Natural Chicken Breast Fillets $4.98
Usda Certified Four Brothers Hereford Beef Sirloin Tip Roast $4.98
Comfrey Farm Prime Duroc Buffet Style Pork Spare Ribs $2.88
Minnesota Grown Fresha Whole Carrots $1.48

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