Fleet Farm Weekly Ad

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Fleet Farm Circular offers this week,

Russell Stover® and Whitman’s® Valentine Hearts SALE $0.95 -$19.99
Fleet Farm® 24 to 32-oz. Valentine Ju Ju and Jelly Candy 2/ $5.00 sale
Fleet Farm ® 16-oz. Chocolate and Yogurt Candy 2/ $6.00 sale
Tropical Indoor Plants SALE $1.59 -$23.99
Field N’ Forest® Men’s Denim Jeans $9.99 sale
Pepsi® 6-pk. 16.9-oz. Soda 4/ $10.00 SALE
Trico Flex® All-Weather Wiper Blade $9.99 SALE
Superior® 40-lb. Premium Hardwood Fuel Pellets $4.99 SALE
Fleet Farm® 16-oz. Licorice 2/ $4.00 SALE
Fleet Farm® 20-oz. Trail Mix $4.99 SALE
Fleet Farm® 8-oz. Pistachio Kernels or 12-oz. Flavored Pistachios $6.49 SALE

Fleet Farm® 54-oz. Whole Cashews or Deluxe Mixed Nuts $20.99 SALE
Fleet Farm® 16-oz. Hazelnuts $6.99 SALE
Pillsbury® 15 to 16-oz. Cake Mix and Frosting 4/ $5.00 SALE
Fleet Farm® 20 to 24-oz. Baking Chips 2/ $7.00 SALE
Post® 11 to 14.5-oz. Cereal 3/ $6.00 SALE
Cheez-It® 12-ct. Caddy Packs & Family Size Snacks 2/ $8.00 SALE
Powerade® 8-pk. 20-oz. Drinks 2/ $8.00 SALE
T-Fal® Cookware SALE $5.24 -$89.99
Crock-Pot® 6-qt. Express Crock $59.99 SALE
Clorox® 40 or 43-oz. Bleach $2.59 Low Fleet Price
DampRid® Starter Kit $7.99 SALE
Eukanuba® 5-lb. Dog or Puppy Food STARTING AT $13.99 Low Fleet Price
Diamond® 40 to 50-lb. Adult Dog or Puppy Food STARTING AT $22.99 SALE

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